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Radio Questions

21st June 2018


  1. I'm currently on carer’s allowance for my daughter just wondering can I still go to college and claim this payment?


To qualify for carers allowance you must not be engaged in employment, self-employment, training or education courses outside the home for more than 15 hours a week. During your absence, adequate care for the person requiring full-time care and attention must be arranged.  However, carers allowance is a qualifying payment for the Back to Education Allowance Payment.  On this payment, you can get your weekly payment and attend full time education.


  1. David in Tullamore is self-employed and has a daughter who is justy finished her leaving cert and planning on going to college. Would she be entitled to a student grant?


The family income limits for eligibility for a maintenance grant in 2018-2019 are set out below. These income limits are applied after your means are assessed - see 'Means test' above. The income limits also apply to the fee grant (that is, if you don't qualify for the free fees scheme and are eligible for a fee grant).

Number of dependent children

Full maintenance

Part maintenance (75%)

Part maintenance (50%)

Part maintenance (25%)

Fewer than 4





4 to 7





8 or more






  1. Oliver in Mullingar is unemployed and his passport is out of date and needs to get it renewed and he is wondering if he’s entitled to a reduction in the cost of the application as he’s on job seeker’s benefit.


No.  However you can An Exceptional Needs Payment, which, is a single payment to help meet essential, once-off, exceptional expenditure, which a person could not reasonably be expected to meet out of their weekly income. For example, if you can show that you need the passport to attend a job interview within EU member country.


  1. Aine in Athlone has to get some work done on her teeth. She is wondering if she is entitled to claim back on her PRSI for abstractions?


Under this scheme, the Department pays the full cost of an oral examination once a calendar year.

Since 28 October 2017, a payment of €42 towards either a scale and polish or - if clinically necessary - periodontal treatment, is also available once a calendar year. If the cost of either cleaning or periodontal treatment is more than €42, you must pay the balance - capped at €15 for a scale and polish. There is no cap on the balance charged for periodontal treatment.

It does not cover abstractions


  1. John in Offaly has been living in a house for 6 months and his lease is for two years, he has been offered a job in Dublin and he is wondering can he break his lease agreement without be financially penalised?


This depends on the terms of the lease.  If the lease includes a penalisation, then it is at the discretion of the landlord, whether or not to apply the penalisation.


  1. Jenny is a new mum and she is getting maternity benefit but she hasn’t got her children’s allowance yet. How does she go about organising that payment?


If your baby is born in Ireland and you are not claiming for any other children, the Child Benefit Section will create a new claim and send you a partially completed claim form CB1 (pdf) for your signature and payment details. This form also includes information on how to claim for your new baby online. To apply online, you must have a Public Services Card and a verified MyGovID account. The baby is also given a Personal Public Service (PPS) number.  If you are worried, call the cares allowance benefit for an update.


  1. Paddy in Westmeath is in a rented house and there is a leak in the attic. He has reported it to the landlord but they haven’t done anything about it. What can he do?


These standards are set out in the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2017. They also add new requirements, which came into effect on 1 July 2017 –

For each apartment, flat or house being rented as a separate unit, the landlord must ensure that the rental property is in a proper state of structural repair. The Regulations require the landlord to maintain the property in a sound state, inside and out. They specify that roofs, roofing tiles, slates, windows, floors, ceilings, walls, stairs, doors, skirting boards, fascias, tiles on any floor, ceiling and wall, gutters, down pipes, fittings, furnishings, gardens and common areas must be maintained in good condition and repair. They must not be defective due to dampness or otherwise.

Local authorities (in their role as housing authorities) are responsible for enforcing these minimum standards.


  1. Ian’s driving licence is out of months for the last 6 months and he didn’t notice it until yesterday. Can he still get it renewed or will he have to resit his test?


You are entitled to apply to renew your driving licence if:

  • You hold a driving licence that will expire within 3 months
  • You held a driving licence that expired less than 10 years ago

If your driving licence expired 10 years ago or more, you must complete a Driver Theory Test and then apply for a learner driver permit.


  1. A listener has a problem with a very angry colleague in work, this person is always swearing and giving out to themselves when things go wrong. It’s very distracting and the office environment is not very pleasant. What can they do?


They need to raise an grievance under the companies grievance procedure.


  1. A listener in Laois is separated and her ex husband has passed away a couple of months ago and she thinks she may still be in his will. Is she entitled to the money even though they are separated?

If she is in his will yes.  Also, if she is still married she also maybe entitled what is known as an legal right share.  She needs to contact her solicitor for legal advise.


11. Johnny in Portlaoise was working for the past 18 months but left his job last week. Can he claim tax back even if he give up the job?

Yes.  He can do a full tax review for up to four years.


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